Wednesday, April 13, 2011


That about sums up my last week of work. It has been absolutely brutal and I can say I have never had a worse week at work since I started there.  Nothing like having to verify over 50,000 cases in your soon as possible...preferably yesterday.  Yep, no problem!  I was there for 6 hours last Sunday doing projects and the last two days were spent doing statistical analysis. Huh, who ever would have thought I would use that pesky stats knowledge after all?

With respect to careers, I am planning a major career change in the not-too-distant future.  It requires more schooling (shocker!) although it is all broken down in into segments, which won't be too bad.  I have decided to take this new path for quite awhile and this past week only makes me more anxious to start.  If I'm correct, I can start classes the beginning of May.  Why not try to train for a whole new career 6.5 months before the wedding...piece of cake! Ha!

So, as long as all goes well, Crystal will be hitting the books again in a few short weeks.  At least this schooling is cheaper and will be done in a shorter time period than some of the others.

As for wedding plans, I am just starting to get myself focused on them again.  All of the big items are done so it's a lot of the little stuff...and those pesky flowers, of course.  Time to go be productive!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In the words of Dwight Schrute

I read this quote from Dwight and thought of my two pregnant friends today. After our conversations on Sunday, it seems to be about right!

" Pam is constantly throwing up because of the pregnancy. If she eats something the fetus doesn't like, she is screwed. It's amazing: a three ounce fetus, is calling the shots! It's so bad ass. "

I wish you well, ladies!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hooray for Pool Time!

We've had such beautiful weather lately that the pool has finally started to heat up...very slowly.  Today was the first day I was able to find the courage to brave the brisk waters, but once I was in and floating on my mat, I was golden.  Our pool is not heated so the winters months deem it relatively useless.  I usually like it around 84-86 degrees but today I settled for a wee bit chilly 80 degrees.  Since there wasn't a cloud to be found in the skies, the sunny rays kept me nice and comfortable while I floated the afternoon away.  I love this lazy Saturday afternoons where all I have to do all day is enjoy a good book. 

Well, there is actually a lot of other things I could be doing, but this seemed to be the most enjoyable :)  Now we are cooking up a steak and shrimp dinner and maybe I'll enjoy a drinky or too.  Love these Saturdays!