Wednesday, April 13, 2011


That about sums up my last week of work. It has been absolutely brutal and I can say I have never had a worse week at work since I started there.  Nothing like having to verify over 50,000 cases in your soon as possible...preferably yesterday.  Yep, no problem!  I was there for 6 hours last Sunday doing projects and the last two days were spent doing statistical analysis. Huh, who ever would have thought I would use that pesky stats knowledge after all?

With respect to careers, I am planning a major career change in the not-too-distant future.  It requires more schooling (shocker!) although it is all broken down in into segments, which won't be too bad.  I have decided to take this new path for quite awhile and this past week only makes me more anxious to start.  If I'm correct, I can start classes the beginning of May.  Why not try to train for a whole new career 6.5 months before the wedding...piece of cake! Ha!

So, as long as all goes well, Crystal will be hitting the books again in a few short weeks.  At least this schooling is cheaper and will be done in a shorter time period than some of the others.

As for wedding plans, I am just starting to get myself focused on them again.  All of the big items are done so it's a lot of the little stuff...and those pesky flowers, of course.  Time to go be productive!


Jess said...

So, is this new career path top secret?

Erin said...

A career change...oh I have some fun ideas of what it could be. When will we know?

Agate Lake Girl said...

Top secret huh? Must mean undercover CIA operative. :)