Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday tidbits

It's only Tuesday? Really?!  Gosh, I swear I thought the work day would never end today.  The morning was okay but the afternoon just kept dragging on. At least I can chill at home with a scrumptious beer or two and unwind for a bit. 

I've been a good girl with my exercise the last few days.  I've been on an exercise bike kick lately.  I just hop on there for 45 min to an hour and peddle away. Of course, I can't do so without a myriad of distractions, i.e. my numerous magazines, the nook, another paperback book (in case I don't want to read any nook selections) and I usually have a tv program going on in the background as well.  What? I NEED it all!  I've also done some hula hooping and sit ups as well.  I really want to start back into a running routine...except for that whole starting part of it.  It's so friggin hot and humid out for starters and, having been out of the loop for the past few months, minus a run here and there, I don't want to start from scratch again cuz that sucks.  Can't I just return to my running prowess post-half marathon status? Please??

Other than that, I am busy reading up on my fitness course and trying to decide which one(s) of my Bucket list items I want to cross off next.  For the record, the list on this site is the small version. I think there are another 20 or so on the main list. Man, I have a lot to accomplish!

On that note, I think I'll go do some reading/hula hooping and see where the evening goes from there.  I'd like to say I'll go for a run but chances are I won't be feeling it by 9pm when it's cool enough to venture out there.  Never know though...

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Jess said...

It does suck to start over, but your ability usually returns pretty quickly. The body seems to remember what you used to demand of it.