Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

Well, things have been moving right along here in good old Coral Springs.  Nothing too exciting to report about...work has been about the same the last couple of weeks-dull and boring.  I am ready for a change but this lovely recession has not helped speed up the process of change by any means so I keep plugging away until something worthwhile comes along that will encourage me to leave. It's definitely time though!

Other than work, Brian and I have been doing some work with the patio to spruce things up a bit.  We got new furniture at a superb deal and also picked up a bunch of flowers for some added color...hopefully I can keep these buggers alive!  I also got a patio tomato plant as I love, love, love tomatoes and am anxiously awaiting their arrival, in about 90 days or so.  I also started a very small herb garden with some parsley, basil and rosemary.  Once I see how often we use it, I will probably add some more herbs to the mix. 

My fitness course has been going in spurts but I have managed to get 2-3 chapters done so far but all that lovely medical terminology takes time to soak up so I've been plugging away slowly; that and there is no deadline except the one I put on me...which can be moved back at any time, of course.

Wedding plans are in a pretty good place. As for this whole buff bride thing, I've been a total slacker. The goal is to get back on the exercise wagon within the next week. I go for a couple days, then take a week break and this has been the cycle for quite some time.  I think I need to push through a solid 5 days or so and get myself used to it again.  I blame the heat and humidity..and cupcakes.

Time to grill some pork chops and read a bit more.  Hope you're all enjoying a lovely Tuesday!

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Jess said...

Good luck with your tomatoes and herbs! Jerry tried the same experiment, and except for the basil, everything seems dead.