Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Books on Tape

Just as the outside cover of a book is used to appeal to the reader’s eye, I think the same concept should be applied to books on tape, except that instead of appealing to a reader’s eye, they must appear to the reader’s hearing. I have listened to several books on tape in the past few years and have enjoyed many of them. I have also disliked many of them as well, and some of those in the dislike pile were not because the book itself was poorly written or not intriguing, but the narrator was a bore.

Two examples: the narrator for all the Jen Lancaster books is awesome. She gets into the book and actually makes you think you are listening to what Jen Lancaster would sound like if she read the books herself. They are enjoyable to listen to and I can listen to them more than once without being bored with them. However, the latest book I’m listening to: The Weight Loss Diaries: sucks. And no, it’s not the book as I have read the book itself. Rather it is the narrator, who clearly has no personality and is completely monotone, reminding me of my Advanced Biology professor in high school. This is annoying for the simple fact that I enjoy the book but it’s not enjoyable to listen to, which I like to do while running/walking or even at work sometimes.

I have read that these people do voice screenings before they are employed as narrators and some even take courses on this so I guess some people must like this type of narration but it is not for me. Can’t we save the monotone voices for the nonfiction books, or self-help books, or books I’m not interested in at all…thanks.

Or I’ll just become a narrator myself. That could be fun.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Randomness

It's been awhile since I had some random thoughts so here goes:

1.  Just finished the last glass of wine I received from Shannon.  It was delicious! Makes me think we all could use a wine night soon...

2.  Made a fantastic lasagna this evening and ate way too much. That's about how it works, right....

3.  I am halfway through reading The Litigators by John Grisham, his latest book.  Must say it is pretty dang good...wondering what I am going to read after this one...

4.  I am trying to motivate myself to start exercising in the a.m. again.  My goal is to start tomorrow and I've already come up with my excuses: I'm tired. It's still dark out.  I don't want to.

5.  If I eat a cupcake and no one is there to see it, does it still have calories?

6.  Lastly, my little brother is getting married this week.  Yay Mitch!

I'd probably have some more but this wine is too yummy so I must go and enjoy it properly.  Have a good night!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekend Recap

Weekend recap and Thanksgiving as well that is...so our Thanksgiving was pretty low key this year.  We made a deep-fried turkey and some sides and headed over to the neighbors house for a great dinner.  Everything was delicious and I ate tons of food along with some samplings of cherry, pumpkin and pecan pies.  The rest of the day was spent enjoying lots of football and relaxation, which is all I could manage to do after all that food.

Friday was back to work for me, which I always think is such a waste since nobody really works anyway seeing as over half the office is gone but what can you do.  Still can't believe they made us stay till 5pm, first time in the 5 years I have worked there that we haven't gotten out early. Brian and I went out for some good pizza and rented Bridesmaids.  Awesome movie!

Saturday was cleaning day so I spent the majority of the day doing the weekly chores, laundry and "supervised" Brian while he put up the outside decorations. Today I put up all our indoor decorations and all that is left is to pick out a tree and get that decorated.  It's beginning to look like Christmas!  I think we also get the joys of watching both the Vikings game and the Bears game, which is a rare occurrence here in south Florida so looking forward to some midwest football.  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend as well :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

C'mon 3pm

It’s Thanksgiving eve and all through the office not a coworker is stirring cuz hardly anyone is here….except me of course. I am just patiently waiting for 3pm to arrive so I can boogy on out of here and head home for Thanksgiving. We are keeping it pretty low key this year and just doing a Thanksgiving with the neighbors this year but can’t wait to get my hands on some deep fried turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie!

Along with the poor saps who have to work retail on Black Friday, I too have to be back at work on Friday as well, which is fine with me. Yeah a four-day weekend would be great but due to our wedding, I’ve only worked 8 days this month so I think I can handle it; that and it will be super quiet in the office so maybe I can get some work done.

As for the weekend, I think we may put up some decorations in the house this year but nothing extravagant like in previous years. I’d like to pull out all the Christmas movies again and maybe do some light shopping as well…probably not too much cuz I loathe crowded malls and department stores. Thank goodness for online shopping!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving with lots of good food and great football!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Yep...Back Again

After another 2 month hiatus, I am back and ready to do some writing again. It feels so good to have all the wedding craziness done and the incessent planning come to an end. Finally! Freedom! A friend of mine told me I would miss the planning because I wouldn’t know what to do with myself but that is so not the case. I have so many things on my bucket list and to do lists to accomplish it feels refreshing to be able to focus on these things once again.

Plus, with the holidays approaching and recent events that have transpired, there is a lot to think about and plan for at this time. Many decisions to make and things to do but I am taking it all in stride and doing my best to maintain a positive attitude about all of it.

I started exercising again yesterday and my plan is to get myself back in shape over the winter months. I cancelled my gym membership so I have one month left to utilize that plus running and my many exercise dvds should be able to keep me entertained, at least for awhile.

This week I am just looking forward to Thanksgiving and munching on some scrumptious turkey and pumpkin pie. Should be a great day. Hope everyone has a great week!