Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Reflection

With 2011 ending in a few short days, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on the goals in January and see how I progressed. Here’s how those goals panned out:

1. Run another half marathon. I really enjoyed running the Princess half early last year and I would like to do another one this year. I have been thinking about the Chicago Rock n Roll half in August but it may depend on how wedding plans/costs are going. At least Brian's family is there so we could visit and stay for free...I just wish it wasn't in August! (Did not complete this one. With wedding plans and everything else going on, I barely ran enough to even attempt a half marathon, let alone actually run it).

2. Get through all wedding plans with my sanity intact. (Completed…and so happy for that. Some people may like to do all that planning stuff, but I am not one of them).

3. Make more time for friends and family. (Completed. With the wedding there were lots of phone calls and family time this year than in the past so this one is a go).

4. Take the LSAT. I'm thinking the June one sounds good to me. (Not completed. I was busy and didn’t want to).

5. Lose 40 pounds. (Not completed. Busy eating cake).

6. Do something daring and/or exciting. (Completed. Got married!)

Overall, I did pretty well. When I make these lists, I never expect to finish everything on the list (although that would be nice one of these times) so I think I fared pretty well. I have already made my 2012 goals and there are several more to choose from for next year. I’ll probably post them in the next day or so.

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Jess said...

Great job! Getting married is a big deal, so getting anything else accomplished is tough.

Looking forward to what you have ins tore for 2012. I still have no idea what goals I want to set for myself!