Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Good 3 Miles

With the beautiful weather we are currently having here in south Florida, I felt last night was a good night to get back out there for a run. So, around 8pm last night I laced up the running shoes, got the Garmin warmed up, and did some stretches to talk myself into running. That first run after taking a break is always tough. It’s hard to get back into the whole running routine and finding my rhythm all over again but I told myself to just go out there and enjoy the nice weather and see what happens.

I am definitely a “winter” runner down here. I completed my 3 miles with no difficulty and actually enjoyed them. That’s not to say my time was great. I think the first mile was a 12 minute mile which is fine with me. Time was not important, just enjoyment. Today I feel pretty good, only a little sore in the legs but that’s just cuz they were not used to exercises beyond my couch exercises I’ve been doing lately.

Even Wilson got to partake in the running. After my run I took him for a run/walk. He ran ½ a block in the beginning, walked a half mile, and finished with a run. Such a trooper!


Jess said...

Glad you enjoyed the run!

But 8 pm at this time of year is dark, lady! I hope you're wearing some reflective gear, or a headlamp!

Crystal said...

Haha. No on all accounts. I just make sure to wear a white t-shirt and flash my ipod screen up to people.