Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Randomness Take 2

1. Enjoyed a lazy Sunday yesterday watching football and topped the evening off with a steak dinner. Yummy!

2. I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet. Guess it’s good I don’t have too many people to buy for this year and I know what I’m getting my niece and nephew. Hopefully I get to it this week.

3. Exercised 5 days last week with 3 of them being running.

4. Haven’t touched my to-do list in 2 weeks. It’s been GLORIOUS!

5. Have been looking at the 2012 running schedule across the U.S. Have found some good choices for races, now just need to see where we land…

6. There are 101 things on my bucket list now. Maybe instead of New Year’s resolutions, I’ll just plug away at that list. Well, maybe just a few of them for starters.

7. Still addicted to McDonald’s iced coffee.

That about sums things up for the last week. Now I’m ready to tackle this week. I’ve already done my studying for today and I plan on doing a 3 mile run this evening. Maybe I’ll get ambitious and get those Christmas cards done too. Happy Monday!

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