Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Recap

For starters, a weekend recap: Nothing too exciting was on the horizon over the weekend. In fact, we pretty much kept it low key, which was nice. Friday Brian was out of town so I spent the evening watching Christmas movies, which then morphed into horror movies as the evening progressed. I’m guessing there was just too much cheeriness for me to handle!

Saturday was cleaning day and I got most of my weekend chores done i.e. laundry, floors, and all that other fun stuff I just love to do on Saturdays. We spent the afternoon running some errands, checked out some Christmas lights around the surrounding neighborhoods and then came home with some DVDs of Dexter. Love that show!

Sunday was pretty relaxing. I went for a long walk and read a book for the majority of the day but did manage to finish up some photobooks of our wedding for our parents so I did feel like I accomplished something at least. Of course there was football playing in the background for all of this as well.

As for this week, I have some shopping I still need to do and hopefully the Xmas cards will arrive so I can send those out in the next day or so. I am looking forward to having 2 four-day weekends coming up and can’t wait to not be at work. I’m sure there will be more Xmas movies, shopping excursions, and good food to eat throughout the week as well.


Erin said...

Can I trade you lives for just a couple hours to get in some relaxation time? Sounds heavenly!

Agate Lake Girl said...

Have a great holiday!