Wednesday, January 25, 2012

60 Days

I really want to get back into running again and have found a race to sign up for, the Charlotte Motor Speedway half marathon on March 25th. They claim it’s a relatively flat-surfaced race overall so I wouldn’t have to deal with too many hills, but it’s a mere 60 days away. I am wondering if it’s really logical that I could train hard enough to be able to run the distance in such a short period of time.

Should I give it a whirl or wait for a later race…any thoughts?


Jess said...

It depends on what kind of race you want to run.

If you want to just complete the race, then yes, 8 weeks makes it totally plausible. If you have a time goal, however, 8 weeks may be a bit of a rush -- especially considering all you have going on in your life right now. Making running a priority may be difficult to try and juggle with all the other changes.

Still, overall, I think it's completely possible. The best guage would be to try and do a run of about 4-6 miles sometime within this week (may be pretty dang tough to schedule that in for you) and if you can do that, then building up to at least a 10 miler is possible within a 2 month period.

If you want, send me an email, and I can send you a training schedule. Or, check out Hal Higdon's Novice HM training schedule here:

His is a 12 week schedule, but with some small modifications, it could be tailored to 8 weeks.

Erin said...

This might actually be perfect timing for the fact you will need to relieve a little stress and won't have a job to start immediately upon arrival. You can start your search after a nice run each day or after you have unpacked a few boxes. I suggest what Jess said, try on a shorter run and see what your body thinks. If it's primed, go for it!

Crystal said...

Yeah since I haven't ran in so long, I am looking at just finishing. I'll be honest, I want the shiny medal, cuz it's cool and that's how I roll.

Maybe I'll do a couple practice runs and see where I'm at, probably in the 2-3 mile range.

Milady said...

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