Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And we're back....temporarily

Overall it was a pretty good weekend visit to the great state of NC. We were up at 3:45am on Friday to head out to the airport and had easy travel the whole way there. One thing stands out the most upon arrival to Charlotte: COLD! It was only in the high 30s to low 40s, which meant the flip flops were retired to the suitcase and the shoes, socks and sweatshirts came out. Glad we packed appropriately or there would’ve been a quick shopping excursion immediately upon arrival.

After checking into the hotel and grabbing some lunch, we met with a realtor and spent the entire afternoon running around the Concord/Harrisburg area looking at different homes. We did find one we really like and put in an application so hopefully we hear something today. It’s a beautiful home in the Concord area and is only about 5-10 minutes from the Charlotte Speedway.

Saturday through Monday were spent bumming around in the car checking out the surrounding cities, downtown Charlotte, Lake Norman, and downtown Concord as well as checking out Brian’s new job location. The chilly weather stayed with us all weekend and definitely means I will need to update parts of my wardrobe soon, although I am excited to wear my boots again since I rarely get to wear them in Florida. We checked out the mall (very nice), saw the Sherlock Holmes movie and ate lots of good food. Overall it was a good trip and as long as the house goes through we can call it a success.

Now it’s back to FL and the job of getting things in order for moving day. I have a week of work left to power through, packing up our personal stuff for the journey, and covering all loose ends. I’m sure these next few days are gonna fly by.


Jess said...

Glad the weekend was nice. I'm sure the change of seasons will be a bit of a shock, but 30s and 40s is kinda a nice version of winter.

Erin said...

I agree with Jess about a nice version of seasons! I am sure the area is very pretty.

Make those lists you are famous for. They are going to be very handy over the next couple weeks. :) Let us know if you need anything (I will volunteer Ryan for heavy lifting).

Crystal said...

Oh there will definitely be some list-making magic done in the next couple of days! Ryan can rest easy-no heavy lifting required, we have movers to handle all that good stuff.

The area is beautiful. Can't wait to explore more of the state when we settle in. I love me a weekend road trip :)

Agate Lake Girl said...

Glad it was a good trip. I am also envious of the seasonal weather. I miss that in my wardrobe!