Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. I got on the scale this morning and have actually lost 3 pounds without trying too much. I think it’s a little bit of anxiety mixed with some busyness and topped with an I-don’t –have-time-to-care-about –this-right-now attitude. I’ll take it!

2. I gave my notice at work today. It was one of those bittersweet moments. I am ready to move on but I was there for over 5 years and a small part of me will miss the place…at least the craziness that ensued there.

3. I’ve been pretty good with my goal of taking more pictures. I took some cute ones of Wilson and some nice landscape ones as well. Maybe if I take enough over the year I can validate that shiny new camera I have been eyeing up for the past year.

4. Starting to stress about getting a new job. I am sure I can find something but it’s worrisome nonetheless, especially when you’re trying to find one so far away. It’ll happen; I just have to be patient I suppose.

5. My plan was 5 things but I can’t seem to think of one now so I’ll just ramble about how I can’t come up with the last tidbit as my last tidbit. There, now we have 5.


Jess said...

Searching for a new job is always stressful, especially when couple with moving to a new place. Good luck with the search!

I know Erin has asked about a moving date, but any clue about a timeframe? We need to plan to get together some before you guys go!

Crystal said...

Well, we are out of town this weekend to look for a house up there. Next weekend we will be around and then we move the weekend of the 27th. It's coming up fast!

Agate Lake Girl said...

Wow, two weeks! That is fast! I think the guys are trying to line something up for next weekend so we can get together one last time. :(