Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

Even with all the chaos going on right now, we had a pretty nice weekend. Friday night we spent time doing projects around the house/garage getting things in order and then spent time lounging on the couch catching up on all our saved TV episodes from the last week. So much to watch and so little time!

Saturday was more of the same with household cleaning in the morning and some organization for the afternoon. I did get in some coffee and reading time in the afternoon, which was glorious! In the evening, we met up with a group of our friends for some farewell food and drinks. It was a great evening and we will definitely be missing everyone a lot.

Sunday we enjoyed a lovely barbeque with all of our neighbors and hung out for most of the afternoon. I love a good bbq and we had all the good foods from wings to burgers, hot dogs, and some great grilled veggies as well. It was fantastic! It was a pretty great weekend and let us know that we will be missed by a lot of wonderful people. Thankfully there are so many ways to keep in touch nowadays so at least we can still stay involved in their lives.

As for this week, I have a feeling it’s gonna be crazy! I have 3 days of work left, the movers come to pack us up Wednesday and Thursday and leave with our stuff on Friday, my car leaves for the journey on Friday, we have to pack our personal stuff for the trip, oh and we need a place to live. No pressure :-)

Here’s to a successful week of craziness and chaos!


Erin said...

I think I would bail on the 3 days of work this week. I know it's not professional but come on; you are moving! Hopefully you can spend your days searching for housing instead of actually working.

Crystal said...

I have to do some training for other people and finish up some last-minute things at work. It's not so bad. At least I don't have to pack much other than what we want to take with us. It'll still be crazy but that's fun too, right?


Jess said...

Good luck pulling all the last minute details together!

Lindsey said...

Good luck friend!