Monday, February 27, 2012

How about 5 on Monday

  1. I have 3 days under my belt at the new job and it's going pretty well so far. I always hate starting new jobs. I want to know everything right away. Hate not knowing the process of things but it will all come together six months from now.
  2. Did I mention we found a house? We get to move in next week. It will be so nice to get our stuff back again. I sure miss our bed and couch and all my kitchen stuff.
  3. I've been battling a cold these last few days. I haven't been sick since January 2011. Damn it! I wanted that streak to keep going! Oh well, hopefully it will pass in a few days.
  4. We had a nice weekend trying new restaurants, checking out the motorcycle show, and roller derby in the evening. Roller derby is boring. Don't think we'd waste the money to see another one.
  5. We ate at Hardees for the first time in years. The Frisco burger still rocks.
That's all she wrote!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hiking the Trails

Since the weather has been so beautiful here in the afternoons, and I don't start work until tomorrow, I have been taking advantage of the good weather and getting in some good hiking at the nature preserve in  Historic Latta Plantation.  The area is so beautiful and filled with trees, trails, and even horse back riding, which I may take up one of these days.  There are a variety of trails to choose from, ranging from low key, to the hill trail, cove trail, and split rock trail. They all wind through miles of forestry, streams, and even a beautiful gem of a lake in the center.

Yesterday, I was out there for nearly two hours exploring the different trails and the nice thing is starting off on one trail and then picking up different ones throughout the walk.  It is so quiet and serene there and I am looking forward to heading out there this afternoon for another long hike. The scenery reminds me of the Midwest and the hills, valleys, and crisp air are a nice change from heat, humidity, and flat lands.

I had pictures to show but my phone is being difficult with sending them to my email so maybe I'll take the camera with me for some shots. It's so pretty now even with though most of the trees have no leaves, I can only imagine how pretty it will be when spring arrives. Can't wait to explore some other parks in the area as well.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Recap

Well, we had a pretty laid-back weekend here in NC. Friday night we went out to dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse and I some steak and lobster, followed by a huge apple crisp dessert that was scrumtastic! Thank goodness Brian and I decided to split one...they are definitely "shareable" desserts.

Saturday we ran some errands in the a.m. and then headed to the mall for some much-needed shopping.  Now that I have landed a job, it felt like a good time to update my wardrobe. It's always good to have an excuse to go shopping! This mall is wonderful and has all the good stores, including a few treasures from the Midwest..I didn't know Maurices was still around! I think I got 6 tops for work, 3 pairs of dress pants and a couple t shirts. Next up will be jean shopping and shoe shopping but I may hold off on that for a few weeks. We ended our shopping excursion with a bite to eat at good ole Chili's.

As for yesterday, it was a pretty lazy Sunday. The weather went from beautiful 60's and sunny on Saturday to dreary and rainy on Sunday, so we watched a few movies and enjoyed some chill time.  When it was time to take Wilson for his evening walk, I noticed it was snowing outside. Now that's something I haven't seen for many years, so Wilson and I enjoyed a nice walk in the snow. It didn't last too long and the remnants are long gone already, except for the ice on the hood of my car, but the temps are supposed to return to the low 50s today so I'm sure it won't take long to melt. And of course we ended the evening watching The Walking Dead on TV. Can't miss that!

So that about sums up our weekend. How was yours?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Five for Friday

  1. I am going to be an Auntie again! Found out my sister is pregnant again and is due in September. Can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl. Yay!
  2. I am looking forward to going back to work but will miss my daytime court shows i.e. Judge Judy, The People's Court and Judge Mathis. It cracks me up what some people will sue for on these shows.
  3. I see Jen Lancaster is coming out with another book soon. Can't wait till I can read it. Her sarcastic humor makes me giggle.
  4. Speaking of books, anyone have some good suggestions? I am running low on my supply and could use a couple new ones. I was contemplating The Hunger Games...Shannon, you've read them, right? What did you think?
  5. I wish I had my crock pot. All this chilly weather makes me want to cook comfort foods and bake cookies. Guess I'll have to settle for pizza and cupcakes instead. Mmmm...I can live with that. :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm Employed!

Remember me mentioning the interview I had on Friday? Well, I had a really good feeling about that law firm when I left. The people I spoke with were really nice, the building was beautiful and the offices were all brand new, and the whole place just gave me one of those feel-good vibes. Even though I had two other interviews set up, I felt good about this one right away.

Well, they must have had some feel-good vibes about me as well because they contacted me yesterday about a job offer. I thought about it for about 2 minutes after listening to the offer and accepted. It just feels like the right choice and the law firm appears to be well-respected, not to mention quite a large firm as well specializing in 9 different areas of law. So, there is plenty of room for growth and opportunity, which is always a nice thing to have as well. I start next Thursday and can now actually enjoy this last week of time off before my worker bee status begins again.

And how did I celebrate the news? With a McDonald's vanilla iced coffee of course!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Running Woes

I must admit, I haven't been out running in quite some time. Weeks...maybe a month or two? I'm not even sure how long except that it's been too long. Here's the thing: I don't love running when I have to start all over from scratch again, which is where I feel I'm at right about now. I'm sure I can run farther right now than when I first started running a few years back, but it's nowhere near where I used to be in 2010 and the thought of struggling through those first few months of starts, stops, shin splints, etc. makes me want to stay on the couch instead of lacing up my shoes.

Also, it's cold outside. At least it was the last few days. So that's another reason for my laziness. That and I really don't have any good running trails in my area that I can utilize right outside my doorstep. NC is not known for its shoulders on highways, in fact, I hardly see any here so I think I may have to drive to a park area or trails to run safely, at least until we get into our own house and the neighborhoods may be more conducive to running.

Or I could just get off my lazy butt, go to the gym and run on the treadmill. That may be my option right now.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Randomness

Sitting here with the heat blowing on me, covered in blankets, and sipping on some yummy coffee is how I am starting my Sunday morning here. First of all, it is cold here. Ridiculous cold. Cold I haven't felt in years, not since we lived in Chicago since we haven't been home for Christmases in the great white north since moving to FL over 5 years ago. It's got to be in the 20s or teens right now. So glad I packed my warm winter coat, now if only I had packed some gloves as well!

I had a job interview on Friday with a law firm which went pretty well. The people are so nice and friendly here that it's almost a culture shock from FL people. I have two more interviews coming up this week so hopefully something will pan out soon.

We have continued exploring our neighborhoods and getting to know the area. I think this transition period is always tough because everything is new. I need to find new doctors, dentist, gym, local stores I like, favorite food places and local hangouts. It's great to try new things, but everyone likes the old and familiar at the same time. I'm sure in a few months, we will be more settled and, most importantly, we will have our stuff out of storage and will be in our own place again.

Oh, and how sad is it that Whitney Houston has passed away? 48 years old is still so young. It is awful to see how much she declined over the years. She had such a beautiful voice.

Alright, time for some reading. With all this time off, I have been dedicating a lot of time to reading and will have to replenish my supplies after my latest book. Hopefully I can find some good ones that peak my interest. Enjoy your Sunday!

Friday, February 10, 2012

25 Things

1. My middle name is Rae.

2. My favorite color tends to change over the years. When I was young it was pink, then green, and now I’ve settled on purples.

3. I prefer white wine over red.

4. I am the oldest of three but the only one without children yet.

5. I love, love, love to-do lists. Many of my posts are in list format. As you can tell…

6. I really like listening to books on tape. It sucks that they usually cost more than buying the book.

7. I just got married in November 2011 but have known my husband for 11 years.

8. Extreme heights make me nauseous-that’s why I jump from them.

9. I love the north but hate winters. I live in the south but hate humidity.

10. Swimming is my favorite sport and I rock at it. I could swim farther than I could ever run.

11. Valentine's Day is overrated...

12. But I better get something nice :)

13.  I never used to eat onions. Hated them. Until Brian showed me they weren't so bad...sometimes.

14. I would love to have a second home in Key West or Costa Rica.

15. Especially Costa Rica cuz it's just so beautiful, laid-back and so much to do.

16. I find the beach to be peaceful but the mountains to be mesmerizing. I think it's the challenge of climbing to the top of them that makes them rock.

17. I don't trust people until they've earned it.

18. It makes me so happy to be an auntie. I have a wonderful niece and nephew who are absolutely adorable.

19. I don't mind driving but hate getting lost. Thank goodness for GPS.

20. I have 2 tattoos.

21. and have pierced my ears 5 times (3 in left, 2 in right)

22. and my belly button pierced, which was the least painful of all of them.

23.  I think it would be awesome to live in Europe for a year, either Paris, London, or somewhere in Italy.

24.  I love taking pictures but never remember my camera.

25. Last but not least...I started this post 3 weeks ago and just finished it today. Yep, still a procrastinator.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

  • Patience is a virtue I haven't quite mastered yet. I have applied to several jobs in the last week or so and waiting to hear from these firms/companies is brutal! Although I enjoy having some time off to do other things, it's always nice to know you have a job to head back to in the near future. I am sure things will all work out in the end, but the waiting game is frustrating.
  • I started last week off well with exercise and eating right. I hit up the gym in our complex, have taken many walks, and did some exercise tapes-yoga is my go-to video lately-and then managed to take off Sunday for some Superbowl eats and Monday, well, just because.  Today I am getting back on the wagon and going to do a video and take Wilson for a power walk.
  • Speaking of Wilson, he sure is loving his walks every day and can't wait for his trips around the complex. It's pretty chilly these last couple of days but he loves it. He's already down almost 2 pounds so I can't complain about that.
  • Being home has me flipping through TV channels and I have rediscovered my love for daytime court shows such as Judge Mathis and Judge Judy. Those two crack me up and it's hilarious what people will try to sue for on these shows.
  • We are still house hunting but have found some great ones we hope to look at this week, so I am hoping we have something locked down soon.  Although our current place is nice, I will be happy to have my own furniture and the rest of our stuff back.
  • Last but not least, it's friggin cold out today! There was actually frost on the windshields this morning. We were spoiled with warm temps last week and now we are feeling some real winter temps here. Let's face it, it's not MN winter temps, but after several years in FL, these chilly days take some getting used to. It is nice to expand the wardrobe to long sleeves, pants, and socks though.

Friday, February 3, 2012

5 Things Friday

  1. I miss my car. Can't wait for it's arrival in the next day or two. It's funny how we managed to get here in 11 hours but my car takes 10 days to arrive!
  2. I am a Real Housewives junky. They have been running marathon episodes of the Orange County season (new season starts next week) and I catch myself watching too much. Must say no!
  3. I miss our DVR. Now we either miss our shows or have to watch them in "real" time, and with commercials. The horror! :)
  4. I made it to the gym yesterday for a treadmill workout. It felt good to get a good exercise in plus all this walking with Wilson is keeping me active, plus Wilson is loving his walks.
  5. The great thing about moving to a new location is all the new food places to try. We hit up a great Irish pub and I had some fantastic fish and chips platter and yesterday we found a pretty good pizza place. So scrumptious!
Besides the 5 things, house hunting continues. Job hunting continues. Hopefully these will be resolved in the next couple weeks. Happy Friday everyone and enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wedding Pics Part 2

The wedding dress. I really loved this dress. Totally felt like a rock star wearing it.

A cute pic of the rings resting in my flowers.

One of my favorite balcony shots

It was so windy up there but my hair held strong!

My shoes and only lasted about an hour into the reception.

Glamour shot!

The ladies' bouquets. So pretty!

They'll be more pictures to come. It was such a memorable day and I enjoy showing everyone some of our wonderful memories. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Review/February Goals

Well, January has come to a close and all I can say is, "What?! Already?!!" It's been a crazy month for us but things are starting to settle down a little bit now so that's something to look forward to at this point. So, how did January go? Well...

We made the move to North Carolina and have settled into our apartment, which is really quite fabulous I must say. We spent the afternoon yesterday looking at houses and found one we both really liked, but still have a few more to look at so we are just taking our time and making sure we choose the right one.

I have been looking for jobs as I became unemployed due to our move and have had some good responses so far. Here's hoping for some positive outcomes.

I read three books in January, not quite a book a month but it was a hectic month so I'm cutting myself some slack here. That and some books are friggin long!

No weight loss. Very little exercise other than packing, unpacking, and cleaning.

As for February goals, I have some specific ones in mind:

1. Find a house.
2. Find a job I enjoy.
3. Exercise 4 days a week.
4. Keep reading.

Pretty simple and straightforward for this month. Here's to a successful month!