Friday, February 10, 2012

25 Things

1. My middle name is Rae.

2. My favorite color tends to change over the years. When I was young it was pink, then green, and now I’ve settled on purples.

3. I prefer white wine over red.

4. I am the oldest of three but the only one without children yet.

5. I love, love, love to-do lists. Many of my posts are in list format. As you can tell…

6. I really like listening to books on tape. It sucks that they usually cost more than buying the book.

7. I just got married in November 2011 but have known my husband for 11 years.

8. Extreme heights make me nauseous-that’s why I jump from them.

9. I love the north but hate winters. I live in the south but hate humidity.

10. Swimming is my favorite sport and I rock at it. I could swim farther than I could ever run.

11. Valentine's Day is overrated...

12. But I better get something nice :)

13.  I never used to eat onions. Hated them. Until Brian showed me they weren't so bad...sometimes.

14. I would love to have a second home in Key West or Costa Rica.

15. Especially Costa Rica cuz it's just so beautiful, laid-back and so much to do.

16. I find the beach to be peaceful but the mountains to be mesmerizing. I think it's the challenge of climbing to the top of them that makes them rock.

17. I don't trust people until they've earned it.

18. It makes me so happy to be an auntie. I have a wonderful niece and nephew who are absolutely adorable.

19. I don't mind driving but hate getting lost. Thank goodness for GPS.

20. I have 2 tattoos.

21. and have pierced my ears 5 times (3 in left, 2 in right)

22. and my belly button pierced, which was the least painful of all of them.

23.  I think it would be awesome to live in Europe for a year, either Paris, London, or somewhere in Italy.

24.  I love taking pictures but never remember my camera.

25. Last but not least...I started this post 3 weeks ago and just finished it today. Yep, still a procrastinator.


Jess said...

"Crystal Rae" sounds like you should be a union organizer someplace! :)

Charbelle said...

I prefer white over red. My favorite color changed from when I was little and is now purple. I just saw Wilson's picture (I am on my parents desktop and I actually have a full screen) and Wilson is adorable!!!! I don't like the humidity in the South either but Charlotte's humidity can't touch the Florida humidity!!!

Crystal said...

Thanks Charbelle! I think Wilson's cuteness keeps him out of trouble more than it should :)

Rachel said...

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