Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Review/February Goals

Well, January has come to a close and all I can say is, "What?! Already?!!" It's been a crazy month for us but things are starting to settle down a little bit now so that's something to look forward to at this point. So, how did January go? Well...

We made the move to North Carolina and have settled into our apartment, which is really quite fabulous I must say. We spent the afternoon yesterday looking at houses and found one we both really liked, but still have a few more to look at so we are just taking our time and making sure we choose the right one.

I have been looking for jobs as I became unemployed due to our move and have had some good responses so far. Here's hoping for some positive outcomes.

I read three books in January, not quite a book a month but it was a hectic month so I'm cutting myself some slack here. That and some books are friggin long!

No weight loss. Very little exercise other than packing, unpacking, and cleaning.

As for February goals, I have some specific ones in mind:

1. Find a house.
2. Find a job I enjoy.
3. Exercise 4 days a week.
4. Keep reading.

Pretty simple and straightforward for this month. Here's to a successful month!


Jess said...

3 books in one month would be a LOT for me at this point! I average about one book a month, and I used to average about a book a week.

What did you read? Any recommendations?

Lindsey said...

Great goals! If you have ANY house questions while you look feel free to ask! We searched for our house for 7 months so I feel like kinda an expert haha!

Crystal said...

Jess-I read Bare by Elisabeth Eaves, A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff and Angel's Flight by Michael Connelly.

The last book is in a series of books and is pretty good for a murder mystery book. The second book is the one I'm finishing. It's so-so...kinda a slow read but I'm 3/4 through so might as well finish. The first one was ok. I had read the author's previous book, Wanderlust, which was pretty good but this one was ok too, not quite as interesting though.

What have you been reading, anything good?

Jess said...

As yes, I read Vintage Affair, and actually hated enough to not finish it. Which was funny because the person who recommended to me said it was awesome! I thought it was slow and formulaic. Blah, for me.

I just finished Born to Run -- you MUST read if you haven't already. It will change everything about how you think of running. Plus, it has this magnificient side effect of making you WANT to get out there and RUN!