Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Randomness

Sitting here with the heat blowing on me, covered in blankets, and sipping on some yummy coffee is how I am starting my Sunday morning here. First of all, it is cold here. Ridiculous cold. Cold I haven't felt in years, not since we lived in Chicago since we haven't been home for Christmases in the great white north since moving to FL over 5 years ago. It's got to be in the 20s or teens right now. So glad I packed my warm winter coat, now if only I had packed some gloves as well!

I had a job interview on Friday with a law firm which went pretty well. The people are so nice and friendly here that it's almost a culture shock from FL people. I have two more interviews coming up this week so hopefully something will pan out soon.

We have continued exploring our neighborhoods and getting to know the area. I think this transition period is always tough because everything is new. I need to find new doctors, dentist, gym, local stores I like, favorite food places and local hangouts. It's great to try new things, but everyone likes the old and familiar at the same time. I'm sure in a few months, we will be more settled and, most importantly, we will have our stuff out of storage and will be in our own place again.

Oh, and how sad is it that Whitney Houston has passed away? 48 years old is still so young. It is awful to see how much she declined over the years. She had such a beautiful voice.

Alright, time for some reading. With all this time off, I have been dedicating a lot of time to reading and will have to replenish my supplies after my latest book. Hopefully I can find some good ones that peak my interest. Enjoy your Sunday!


Erin said...

Curling up under a blanket sounds wonderful. It's a little brisk here. We turned on the heat this morning which means it's below 70. LOL!

Good luck on the job interviews! Sounds like things are coming together.

Jess said...

Like Erin said, it was brisk here too! But more like 50 degrees, not 20!

It is tough making all of those adjustments, but you'll settle in after some time. Good luck with all the job interviews!

Agate Lake Girl said...

Actual winter temps - that must be weird!