Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wedding Pics Part 2

The wedding dress. I really loved this dress. Totally felt like a rock star wearing it.

A cute pic of the rings resting in my flowers.

One of my favorite balcony shots

It was so windy up there but my hair held strong!

My shoes and only lasted about an hour into the reception.

Glamour shot!

The ladies' bouquets. So pretty!

They'll be more pictures to come. It was such a memorable day and I enjoy showing everyone some of our wonderful memories. 


Lindsey said...

I am obsessed with your dress, so gorgeous!!!!!

Thanks so much for the advice!! It was helpful!:)

Erin said...

I hadn't seen some of these. Very pretty/cute. I loved your dress too. It was "perfect."

Crystal said...

Thanks ladies! I loved the dress too and thought it was the perfect dress for me :)

Jess said...

Beautiful pics! I always think the photography is one of the "worthwhile" wedding purchases. So much else -- the food, the flowers -- doesn't last, but the pics capture it all and they do last!

Agate Lake Girl said...

You looked beautiful in that dress and I loved your hair! The pic of the rings in the flowers is beautiful. I haven't seen that before.