Thursday, March 15, 2012

Crazy Work Week

It's tough enough to learn a whole new area of law coming into this law firm, but there is currently a major reconstruction going on with half the staff leaving and many more coming into positions, re-evaluating peoples' skills, shuffling the work loads, and the general chaos all of this entails that I have been leaving the office mentally drained every day this week. The long car ride home hasn't calmed my nerves that much either, but I did download a new book on tape so maybe that will keep me entertained on my long ride tomorrow.

Thank goodness for yummy red wine, a loving husband, and a puggle who's just happy to see me when I get home! I am sure in a few weeks the craziness will subside and the place will find some normalcy. Until then, Brian should just have a glass of wine ready for me when I get home :)

At least tomorrow is Friday!


Jess said...

Sorry it's been so hectic at work, and a long drive never helsp to ease tension! With time, I'm sure it'll all ease up! Good luck, and enjoy the wine.

Lindsey said...

Thank goodness for red wine, indeed!! :)