Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

Well, apparently since I am the bomb-diggity, after only 7 days of work, I am being trained to take over one of my coworker's desks and all her clients. That includes the 7 or 8 ( i forget) different computer programs I have to learn before she goes on medical leave. Next Tuesday. Awesome sauce.

I almost ran over a ladder on the highway this morning. A few weeks ago, it was a tire-rim and all. What the hell peeps? Lock your shiz up so I don't crash my car. Thank you.

Still haven't gotten my hair cut. It's been 6 months and it's definitely in need of some upkeep. Thank goodness for ponytails! Maybe in the next week....

Speaking of upkeep, I think it's time I get back into some type of eat healthy/exercise daily kind of plan instead of the eat crap/haul boxes plan I have been focusing on lately.

Found another antiques place to hit up one of these this weekend. I am looking for a nice secretary desk to go in the fourth bedroom. I am all about getting my vintage on!

It's thirsty Thursday! I think I'll have a beer. Later!


Jess said...

I got my hair cut this week, and it had been 8 months since my last cut! I went in and discovered that my stylist is 8 months preggo!

Erin said...

Darn your smarts! Smarts = more work. Hopefully it's fun and challenging but doesn't mean crazy hours or stress.