Saturday, March 24, 2012

Walking through Harrisburg Park

Here are some pictures I took while on my walk in Harrisburg Park last Saturday.  The park features two sports fields, several picnic areas, the local library, and horseshoe pits as well as a little off-road trail walks, which of course peaked my interest.

I headed through the park to pick up this trail. I love the feeling of being out in the woods, in the middle of nowhere.

That is, until I came upon this little gem hiding at the end of the trail...

The Historic Harrisburg Post Office and a miniature railroad area! How neat is that.

I forget what this building was supposed to be but it just looks old and rustic. 

You can see a little bit of the "lake" in the background and this wagon for the hobby shop. 

This was at the front entrance area, some antique pieces on display.

Can't forget the sweet railroad tracks! Apparently, the miniature trains actually run here but they are currently under maintenance.

Gotta love a miniature train trestle! 

I decided to take the road less traveled on my way out of the railroad area. This led me to a couple other connecting trails until I found myself back at the park. It was a great way to spend an hour outdoors in the a.m. Now, with all the trees in bloom around here, I can't wait for my next excursion.


Jess said...

That's awesome!

Erin said...

Ready for visitors? It looks beautiful up there.