Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty mellow weekend. Friday night we went out for dinner at this awesome family diner here in Harrisburg. I had a great tilapia dinner and Brian had a philly cheese steak sandwich. The food is so yummy there with that great diner atmosphere...I do believe we will become regulars there.

Saturday was a big shopping day for the house. We spent hours in Ikea getting blinds, a pretty set of blinds for the patio doors, some vases and bathroom accessories and other odds and ends. I love shopping at Ikea, so many things to get and they are mostly reasonably priced. We also made sure to have lunch at the restaurant there...mmm Swedish meatballs! The rest of the day was spent at Home Depot, Target and Walmart. I think we got almost everything we needed.

Today I focused on unpacking more boxes and getting the office and guest bedroom in order. I could use some new book shelves for the office but otherwise it is pretty organized. Brian worked on building up his shed for the backyard and clearing out some of the garage. Wilson was chillin like a villain cuz that's how he rolls.

Now we are just waiting for some scrumptious pizza, I am enjoying some wine, and we are going to relax a bit with what's left of the weekend before works sneaks up on us again. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Jess said...

Sounds like you're settling in!

Erin said...

Goodness, I am tired just thinking about how much you accomplished! Looking forward to pictures.

Agate Lake Girl said...

Rylee and I like to get to Ikea a half hour before they open and eat breakfast there. It is so good and cheap. Sometimes we don't even stay to shop!