Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Work, Weekend, Wednesday

Let's just say that you can't lose 26 people in one day and not expect it to affect the office. It's been a pretty hectic week with it only being Wednesday and I foresee this crazy schedule to continue for at least a month until things smooth out. Good thing I got my resume out there again :)

But enough about work...I never got around to discussing our weekend. We had a pretty good time enjoying our new place. Brian has been setting up his garage and I explored a park here in Harrisburg that was pretty sweet. I took some great pictures but can't get the printer to cooperate right now so I will have to try to do some uploading over the weekend.  Sunday we went to this great bakery and got a bunch of scrumptious doughnuts (red velvet cake! seriously!) along with a coffee for moi and, along with Wilson, explored a huge nature preserve in Reedy Creek. So many trails! So much to do! Wilson absolutely loves trail hiking and behaves so much better than on his regular walks. It was a pretty good time. We also checked out a great little pizza place in our area, which had great pizza and a killer chef salad. It was nice to sit outside and enjoy the evening.

Now it's Wednesday and I think I should probably go accomplish something before it's time to unwind and veg out for awhile. Or maybe I'll just read for an hour. Yeah, that sounds good too.


Jess said...

Sorry the new job is so hectic and isn't working out quite as well as you'd orginally hoped. With time, hopefully, it either settles down and is more enjoyable or you find a better fit soon.

Sounds like a nice weekend! I'm seriously jealous of all the trails you seem to have nearby!

Crystal said...

I think its cuz I am still learning everything plus the mass chaos that makes it more stressfull. I think it will simmer down after a month or so, or if I move on to something else.

Yes the trails are definitely awesome here. I am loving it! Can't wait till we really hit the good ones in the mountains one of these weekends.