Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day at the Races

Today Brian and I enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day in Charlotte at the ZMax Raceway watching the races.
The weather was perfect for it, in the mid-70s and clear skies. We enjoyed some corn dogs, chili cheese fries, and tons of lemonade, and picked up some great t-shirts as well.

Here's some pics from our day:

Brian next to one of the cars

 John Force, very well-known drag racer


These ones were the loudest and this track is 4 wide instead of the usual 2 wide. We were shaking in our seats!

The only downer to the day was seeing one of the crew get caught up in the tire and flung up into the air. He got up and was able to walk to the ambulance, but it still shows how dangerous the sport can be.  Overall, we had a great day and got to see some awesome racers. My ears are still ringing, even with the ear plugs. Now it's time to relax with some beer and tv a lower volume.


Erin said...

Looked like a fun day. I can't imagine how loud 4 wide is? Your insides were probably vibrating.

Jess said...

Looks like fun!

Crystal said...

Yeah Erin the vibrations were crazy. These guys were doing over 300 mph.