Saturday, April 28, 2012

Escaping the Comfort Zone

Yesterday, I was reading through one of my Fitness magazines when I came across a section named Fit Life, in which it takes inspirational snippets from two or three people every month, discussing some way they have changed their lives for the better.

The one I read yesterday was about a woman who was 35 years old with two small children in tow who was invited by a friend to take a trapeze class. She was very intimidated by the thought of it, especially since she was out of shape and not sure if she could handle the challenge, but with some friendly persuasion, she went ahead and did it anyway.

As she stated, it was tough at first but the challenge of a new endeavor followed by the thrill of picking up the basics and getting the hang of the trapeze encouraged her to continue with the lessons and she now takes 2 classes a week and loves it. Not only has it become a fun new hobby, but also has greatly toned her body, especially her stomach and back muscles.

I find it interesting to see how people develop new habits, what encourages them to try new things, and how they are able to break out of their comfort zones and embark on a new adventure, no matter what it may be.

Some new things I would like to try is scuba diving, rock climbing, zip lining, and doing more traveling to foreign countries. I think it time we try something new and get out of our comfort zone, we become a stronger and more well-rounded person, even if we decide we don't like or want to pursue that particular item again. It's just fun to try lots of new things and make some wonderful memories along the way.

What is something you have always wanted to try but haven't done so yet?


CharisFaith said...

Rock climbing and zip lining are both available at the whitewater center which is easy to get to just hop on 485.

there is a scuba instructing place on 29 not far from the speedway.

Hope y'all are having a fantastic weekend!!!

Crystal said...

Wow i didnt know there was a scuba place so close to my house. That's great! One of these days i want to check out the whitewater center, maybe when family comes to town