Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

  • I tried some oysters for the first time last night. They were pretty dang good...although I must admit they were fried and I coated them with cocktail sauce. Still counts.
  • I also ate mussels for the second time last week in a big lobster platter. Pretty dang tasty this time around.
  • Other than food news, work has been brutal this week. Just crazy busy and I foresee it staying that way for quite some time. It's always nice to be busy, but it's also nice not to be buried. At least tomorrow is Friday so I am going to plow through my desk and see how much I can accomplish.
  • As for this weekend, we have a big car show we are planning on going to on Saturday. I am hoping for lots of cool old F100 trucks to look at and I don't think I'll be disappointed!
  • For the rest of the weekend, I am thinking maybe doing some household projects and, of course, all that pesky cleaning that always comes up. 
  • So, that's what's happening around here this week. How bout you?
  • Oh...and they already know me at the McDonalds drive-thru. This morning the guy said, the usual for you this morning? Yep, that's me, the iced coffee queen.


CharisFaith said...

I think for Oysters, Musssels and most seafood depend a lot on how they are prepared in relation to how good they are. Then some people just don't like the texture.

Have a fabulous time at the car show, I'll think of you as I fight that traffic :)

Have a great weekend!

Crystal said...

Thanks! We were at the track last weekend for the races and traffic was pretty crazy so I'm sure this weekend will be just as brutal! We are only a few miles from it so I hope it doesn't get too crazy around us.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend as well!