Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend there was very little relaxing and instead we had a whole lot of painting going on. Since we are now feeling settled in, we figured it was about time to throw some paint up on the walls. Some areas, such as the entryway and the dining room, will probably stay in the butter cream color they are right now because I like it and we have a huge ceiling in the entryway. We did change up the kitchen and living room in a light mocha color to go with our darker furniture and the kitchen cabinets. All the burgundy accents play with the color nicely as well. Yesterday, we painted the master bedroom a pretty lavender color and the bathroom will be a lighter shade of lavender to match. The white furniture really pops now and the black and white photos look awesome in there as well. We still have the office to do after this and maybe one of the other bathrooms, but the remaining two bedrooms will be left alone since they still look pretty good.  It's crazy how sore your muscles get from painting. I am feeling it in both the arms and the legs today.

Beyond that, I made a yummy lasagna for dinner last night and tonight is rosemary chicken and potatoes, which I should probably check on in a couple of minutes. My next house project is going to be the backyard. There is no landscaping, plants, etc. out there and it could use a little splash of color and a few shrubs...grass would be nice too! So that's my next mission, maybe in a couple weeks.

How was your weekend?


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Crystal said...

Once we are completely finished we'll post some :)

Lindsey said...

I know those weekends are tiring but I always enjoyed them. Crank up the tunes and create fun memories, right?:) Can't wait for pics!