Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What's Your Inspiration?

It feels like this past week has flown by, especially when I check my blog and notice that I haven't written anything in a week. A week? It's really been that long? Apparently so and I think I know why...I have had nothing much to say. It's been a pretty typical week here with work, home, dinner, tv time, wash, rinse repeat. You get the idea.

Hmm..idea, I could use some of those. Lately, since I haven't been scouring through "the list" or focusing my attention on any new project, I find myself with not a whole lot of content to throw out there. I mean, I just wrote nearly two paragraphs about how I have nothing to say. Good times.

So, it's time to find some inspiration, I think. I must say my most inspiring places are in nature. I think that's why I have enjoyed all my trail hikes lately is they get me out in the middle of the woods with the beautiful surroundings, scents, and smells. Gets the brain all happy and shiz. The water is another place I draw a lot of my inspiration. The sounds of the waves, the ripples on a lake, how peaceful a good swimming rhythm can be when you're swimming in the zone. Swimming as always been one place where I could listen to the sound of the water and not think about anything else.

I also enjoy reading quotes as a source of inspiration. Some are quirky, others thoughtful, and some just give me a good chuckle. It gets the creative juices flowing and the thoughts running wild. I guess with my inspiration waning, I should check out some of these hot spots and see what's in store.

What about you? Where do you find your inspiration?


Lindsey said...

I'm the same way, quotes always give me inspiration!

Agate Lake Girl said...

I noticed the week went by without me posting either. Guess it was a lather, rinse, repeat week for us too. :)