Saturday, May 12, 2012

I love Saturdays...

It is a beautiful day here in the Charlotte area. High 70's, partly cloudy, just heavenly weather. This morning we enjoyed a great breakfast at this cute 50's diner called Punchy's Diner. They had the whole 50's theme inside, lots of car pics on the walls, and some cool cars in a show window. The food was excellent as well and we can now add that diner to our weekend breakfast rotation, as we enjoy going out for breakfast at least once on the weekends. So yummy!

As we were leaving the diner, we saw a few classic cars drive by us and decided to follow them. They headed a couple miles down the road to this huge manufacturing factory-turned-antique mall in Concord where a classic car show was going on. Talk about timing! Of course we had to stop in and check out all the cool cars and spent a good hour walking around the car show before venturing in to the antique mall. That place is HUGE. We probably walked around for another hour in there looking at all the stuff before heading out again...I am planning on bringing my mom and aunt back there and didn't want to see everything twice in one we did a quick tour of the beautiful homes in downtown Concord before doing some grocery shopping and heading home again.

What was supposed to be a quick breakfast and shopping turned into a mini afternoon adventure. It's always fun when you can get a little excitement mixed in with those mundane tasks. This afternoon I think I'll do some reading and maybe go for a walk later this evening. These laid-back Saturdays are the best!


Erin said...

Sounds fun :-)

Jess said...

That sounds like a relaxing Saturday! I remember those...ha!