Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You Go Grandma!

No, not my grandma...

So yesterday, I was purusing MSN and noticed an article with the headline 55 year old cheerleader. With a title like that, of course I was interested! When I pulled up the article, it was about a lady by the name of Sharon Simmons, a 55 year old grandmother, who auditioned for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders this past weekend. Not only is she a grandmother, and would be 56 at the start of the season, she is also an author and a fitness competitor since age 50 and a fitness model. 

It had always been her dream to audition for the cheer team in her early 20s, but being a single mother with little disposable income, she chose to focus on raising her family. Now, she figures, this is her time to get out there and try to see where she can take her dream. I must say, she looks pretty damn good for 55!

I will be waiting to see if they state whether she makes the cut or not. Right now, the oldest NFL cheerleader is 42 years old. There may be a new record breaker!  This story just tells us that it's never too late to go after your dreams and see what you can make of them. Never give up and reach for the stars.

For her story:  Sharon Simmons Dallas Cowboys

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Jess said...

Similarly, a few years ago, I had a student who was in her 80s. This past Dec, I attended her graduation party; she's the oldest student to ever graduate from our college. She has a great story too about deciding it's "never too late" to pursue a lifelong dream.