Monday, June 25, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

My sister came to visit for the weekend and we had a nice, relaxing few days here together. The best part was that it wasn't one of those crazy-let's run around doing as much as possible-type visits but a nice one where we just hung out, hit up the pool area, watched some shows, and had some good talks kind of weekend. It was great to really catch up and enjoy one another's company. The time sure went by fast though!

My running has been off to a pretty good start. I won't be winning any races quite yet, but I've got  3 or 4 runs down already, albeit with some walking sprinkled in there, but it's a good start. The only bad thing about picking a January race is having to train in the summer months, especially since it's been in the mid 90s and humid as hell and we have 100 degree days looming ahead of us. Guess that will make those cool runs this fall feel even better. Guess it's ass-crack of dawn or late-night runs for this gal.

Other than that, it's been work and reading here and there. Got a book coming this week called "My Year with Eleanor" and can't wait to read it. Basically it's about a girl who tackles a bucket list. Can't wait!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Go Big or Go Home

I am not a runner. At least I wouldn't call myself one. Yes, I've ran some races...some 5k's, a couple 10k's, and even the Disney Princess half marathon in 2010, but I wouldn't call myself a runner. A swimmer yes, but not a runner.

So, what better way to make myself become a runner than this?

That's right! I have just signed up for the big race in January, the Disney marathon. Since I did my first 10K there (Disney Wine and Dine), as well as my first half marathon, I might as well complete the marathon at the happiest place on earth. Plus, it's an excuse to head to Disney again!

With 201 days to go, I guess that means I need to find a training program. Once the anxiety of this decision wears off...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Let's Wing It

The week days are so packed with work, schedules, to do lists, etc., that on the weekends (unless it's a necessity), we like to "wing it" and just do whatever we feel like on the weekends. Yesterday was one of those kind of days that we just went out and did whatever and had a great time doing so.

We started the day off at Subway, getting breakfast sandwiches, with Wilson in tow, before heading to Reedy Creek Park to do some trail walking. We did about 2.5 miles of walking before heading back home and showering for some afternoon activities. The conversation on what to do went something like this:

Brian: "So, what do you want to do?"

Me: " I don't know, but something. It's too nice to stay indoors today."

Brian: " I agree. So what should we do?"

Me: " I don't know. Maybe we just hop in the car and drive till we find something?"

Brian: "Sounds good."

And that's how we wing it. So we hopped in the car and headed towards towns in our area we haven't visited yet. After a nice lunch at a 50's diner, we ended up in Moorsville, dubbed Race City USA, and explored the area. We checked out all the race car corporations and drove around the town, which is very pretty, ending up in the downtown area where I, of course, spotted the Black Velvet french pastry shop. We picked up a mini chocolate cream cheese cake, this ridiculously huge cookie, and my favorite, a root beer float cupcake with straw in it. It was delicious and tasted just like drinking a root beer float!

After some sweets, we headed towards the Lake Norman area where we found ourselves on a floating dock at Queens Landing, sipping some drinks and watching all the boaters. It is so beautiful there and I could foresee a lake view home in our future :)

After a long day, we headed back towards home, stopped for some Mexican food, and then relaxed with a movie for the night. Those days of just jumping in the car and picking a direction can turn into fun-filled days of adventure. It's always nice to just wing it now and then.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekly Recap

Such a beautiful Sunday afternoon here in the queen city area, although it's pretty damn hot out there, but the skies are a bit overcast so it takes away some of the heat at least..that and I'm currently in the house so it really doesn't matter that much right now.  It's been a long week since I last had a chance to post a bit, but nothing really exciting was going on during the work week, just a whole lot of work.

I stayed late for overtime on Monday-Thursday this week, getting home around 730 at night, which doesn't leave much time to get a whole lot done in the evenings. I have been doing well on the exercise front by riding my indoor bike and taking Wilson for walks but could really use some good workouts of 45 min or so instead of just a half hour. The biking I usually do in the morning and I just can't get up before 530 since I go to bed around 1130 in the evenings. Yes, I suppose I could go to bed earlier but I am just not tired before 11 anyway so what's the point. Friday I went in early for work so I could leave on time and we enjoyed a nice evening at home plus a Sonic run for some ice cream.

Saturday was a good day. I was up with the birds at 6 am...really? So, I watched some House Hunters and exercised before finally getting my hair cut after 7 months of ponytails. I had the hairdresser take off 4 inches so now it's just below my shoulder blades with some long layers in the back and it feels so much better! Then Brian and I went to a small car show in our area before heading down to Charlotte for the Taste of Charlotte. We had a bunch of good kind of thing since you can sample so many different small portions of things. I had an excellent sea bass cake with coleslaw and chipotle sauce (my favorite), pork and brisket sliders, an excellent sangria drink, an oyster on the half shell (bucket list item) and ended with some delicious cupcakes of course. After we finished our afternoon adventure, we spent some time at the mall and finally made our way home for an evening of tv time and Chinese food.

Today has been a home day with laundry, some house cleaning and reading.  A nice, relaxing day to enjoy before heading back to the work schedule next week. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!