Sunday, June 17, 2012

Let's Wing It

The week days are so packed with work, schedules, to do lists, etc., that on the weekends (unless it's a necessity), we like to "wing it" and just do whatever we feel like on the weekends. Yesterday was one of those kind of days that we just went out and did whatever and had a great time doing so.

We started the day off at Subway, getting breakfast sandwiches, with Wilson in tow, before heading to Reedy Creek Park to do some trail walking. We did about 2.5 miles of walking before heading back home and showering for some afternoon activities. The conversation on what to do went something like this:

Brian: "So, what do you want to do?"

Me: " I don't know, but something. It's too nice to stay indoors today."

Brian: " I agree. So what should we do?"

Me: " I don't know. Maybe we just hop in the car and drive till we find something?"

Brian: "Sounds good."

And that's how we wing it. So we hopped in the car and headed towards towns in our area we haven't visited yet. After a nice lunch at a 50's diner, we ended up in Moorsville, dubbed Race City USA, and explored the area. We checked out all the race car corporations and drove around the town, which is very pretty, ending up in the downtown area where I, of course, spotted the Black Velvet french pastry shop. We picked up a mini chocolate cream cheese cake, this ridiculously huge cookie, and my favorite, a root beer float cupcake with straw in it. It was delicious and tasted just like drinking a root beer float!

After some sweets, we headed towards the Lake Norman area where we found ourselves on a floating dock at Queens Landing, sipping some drinks and watching all the boaters. It is so beautiful there and I could foresee a lake view home in our future :)

After a long day, we headed back towards home, stopped for some Mexican food, and then relaxed with a movie for the night. Those days of just jumping in the car and picking a direction can turn into fun-filled days of adventure. It's always nice to just wing it now and then.


Erin said...

That sounds like fun. I miss spontaneous adventures.

Jess said...

I'm with Erin. It's nice to have the freedom to have a day like that! Glad you got to enjoy it.

Carly said...

Your day sounds HEAVENLY!

Agate Lake Girl said...

I love those kind of trips. And that root beer float cupcake sounds heavenly!