Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Tidbits

  • It is hot as hell out there! It's been like this since Friday and we have a couple more days to go of 100+ degree temps. It's made for a lot of indoor activity time and movie watching since it's just too dang hot to be out there. We could go to the pool (we have a community pool) but I almost think it's too hot for that. Maybe later this evening...
  • This heat is also the reason I haven't ran since Thursday. Yeah, I think I could have pushed through it early in the morning, but going to bed after 1am kind of deterred that idea. Hopefully I can get some run time in this coming week or I may have to hit up the treadmill at the gym.
  • Work has been busy but pretty good. On Friday, my supervisor pulled me into her office to thank me for being such a rockstar employee and doing such a good job. So that felt good. Now if that praise could just be followed with a few extra dollars in my paycheck, I would be thrilled.
  • I finished up my latest read, "My Year With Eleanor" by Noelle Hancock. It involves Ms. Hancock losing her job and realizing how much of her former self has slowly disappeared over the years as well, so after reading a quote at a coffee shop by Eleanor Roosevelt, she sets out on a Year of Fear and basically does a bucket list of things she has always been afraid of doing. It was a pretty good read and I am a sucker for a good memoir.
  • As for this evening, I am looking forward to a nice steak dinner and a little more relaxing before beginning another work week. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Jess said...

Tis the season for the treadmill! Mentally, it's tedious, but physically, it can make running so much easier, especially this time fo year!

The book sounds good, but I think the whole "do something for a year and make it into a memoir" concept seems cliche now. Still, I too love memoirs, so I may have to check it out!