Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Blame Netflix

After nearly 3 months of no blogging, I'm back for another run at it. Basically, I just wanted a break from it and other than reading posts and making a few comments here and there, I stayed away from the blog world. So, what brings me back? Well, I find myself having been kind of lazy these last few months. Not to say that we haven't been busy with work, traveling home to both Chicago for a wedding in July and Minnesota in August, checking out new locations and other things here and there, but as for any personal achievements, they have flown out the window.

I blame netflix. I have watched all four seasons of Mad Men. Several movies. Hoarding series (keeps my house clean). And started watching Private Practice. Through all of this lovely tv time, it has come to my attention that I haven't spent much time doing projects that I have on my lists...heck I've even been neglecting my reading! For shame! So, with fall approaching and three months left of the year to enjoy, it's time to dust off those lists and projects and see what can be accomplished.

And, of course, tell you all about it. Yay you! 

As for this weekend, it is gloomy out there today with rain throughout the day (sounds like a perfect tv day doesn't it) so I haven't decided if I want to chillax or do something productive. All I know is an iced coffee sounds wonderful and McDonalds is only a short distance away. Maybe I'll start with that....