Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkins, gunshots, and why dessert is always a good idea

We had a pretty nice weekend here in the queen city. Saturday morning we took Wilson to the vet for his follow up appointment. His ear treatment seems to be working well and he lost 2 lbs since his last visit so I'd say it was a successful follow-up visit. Seems the ear trouble is caused by allergies (shocking) so we just have to keep giving him Benedryl once or twice a day until the fall allergies run their course.

After dropping him off at home, we did our grocery shopping and then headed to Hodges Farm to visit the pumpkin patch. There were pumpkins everywhere! It's on a lovely farm with hayrides, face painting, snacks, and farm animals to see. We probably spent a good hour there walking through all the fields of pumpkins until we picked out a couple we really liked. Then we headed to another pumpkin farm near our house for some mini pumpkins for table decoration. We are definitely set for pumpkins and just need to do some carving on the big ones sometime this week.

Since Wilson didn't partake in the pumpkin festivities, we loaded him up in the car and headed to a new park I found on the Internet that is about 5 minutes from our house. I was expecting a small park with a little walking area, not the 230 acre park with the huge lake, soccer fields, fitness course, nature trails, paddle boat rentals and mini golf course! It was awesome! We had a nice walk with Wilson and tired him out for the evening.

Then we hit up a restaurant that sells awesome sandwiches.  Once finished, I coaxed Brian into this campfire s'mores ice cream dessert. Just as we started eating, we heard several loud bangs coming from the front of the restaurant. I thought it was someone banging on a table until Brian saw people running into the restaurant. Turns out someone in the parking lot was trying to sell some stuff and the person who was to buy it shot off their gun in the parking lot in an attempt to steal it. From the shell casings marked off in the parking lot, he fired all shots from the gun. So, 10 police cars, crime scene tape around my car, and waiting till the police cleared the scene and released us, we spent another 30-45 minutes in the bar area drinking beer waiting to go home. Had we skipped dessert, we may have become witnesses instead of just patrons of the restaurant.  These people are just lucky I didn't have to whip out my ninja skills and kick some ass.

At least Sunday was a relaxing day and the Vikes won. Good times!


Jess said...

"Dessert saves lives"!

Agate Lake Girl said...

I agree with Jess. It's now confirmed. :)

Anonymous said...

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