Thursday, January 17, 2013

F is for Fracture

So remember how i had to stop training for the Disney marathon because of foot pain? Well, not only has the pain not subsided but has continued to get worse, more persistent, and spread further along the top of my foot. Since I am off work, i finally had the time to check it out and went to the orthopedic doc yesterday. Turns out I fractured my foot, most likely from running, and have to take it easy for awhile now. The doc tried to get me to wear a boot but i refused so we compromised with stretching exercises and down time and i have to have it rechecked in a month. If there is no progress, then i get the boot or a cast. Good times!

So, i guess I'll just have to keep relaxing and reading my books in between job searching. Guess it's good i am on a work hiatus ;-)

Book list to come soon...i am typing this on the nook and refuse to type that up with this keyboard.

Until next time...

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Agate Lake Girl said...

Sorry to hear about your foot! I've read a couple of teen lit books lately that were pretty good in case you want to check them out. Both are being made into movies: Divergent and Beautiful Creatures.