Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday tidbits

1.   The weather is beautiful here this week. Today it was almost 70 degrees with clear skies and looks like these temps are holding strong through the weekend. Hurray for perfect weather days. May have to do some hiking this weekend.

2.  Since i have more spare time than usual, i have been a reading machine! I have finished five books already since the beginning of January  especially since hubby bought me a new nook and i got a ton of gift certificates for barnes and noble for xmas. At this rate i should have no problem reaching my reading goal of 52 books.

3.  Did i mention i also got my library card?

4. I 've been doing lots of cooking at home and am going to start trying some new recipes again. We started shopping weekly for groceries and making a weekly meal plan, which seems to be working well so far.

5. I have almost completed my major house cleaning to-do list except for the stuff i don't want to do (windows...ugh) so now i am ready for a project list.

6.  I still love my McDonald's coffee though...enjoying one right now.

Until next time...


Bekah Foley said...

Omg the weather here has been amazing! Short sleeve shirts in January? I'll take it :) Enjoy hiking this weekend!

Agate Lake Girl said...

Will you post your book list at some point? I always like to see what other people are reading. Also, did you check to see if you can download books to your Nook from your library? We can here and it's very convenient. :)

Jess said...

I agree with Shannon's request. I'm always curious to know what others are reading.

I envy you having all the extra time to read! I don't come anywhere close to reading the volume I used to.