Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Swimming Zen

Some people are able to get in the zone from running or other exercises, but my exercise of choice is definitely swimming.  Having run a 5k, 10k, and even a half marathon, I do feel like I can call myself a runner.  If I train long and hard enough, I can complete these races and be far away from the end of the pack. However, running does not come easy to me.  The first mile or so is fine, but after that, it's a constant battle with my body saying "What the hell is this? Aren't we finished yet?" and my mind saying, "I'm bored. What else can we do?" Which I think only makes the running feel more difficult than it needs to be.  I think that's why I liked racing at Disney. There is so much to look at between the parks themselves and the fellow racers that it keeps me busy and entertained. But training? Boring.

Swimming, on the other hand, is my zen.  I get in the water, put my goggles on, and can just keep going and going.  The sound of the water and the rhythm of my breathing keeps my mind from thinking of a million different things and I can just focus on what I am doing in that moment.  It's my personal form of yoga (and a damn good cardio workout too) and I've missed it this past year.

There are not too many gyms around here with pools in them in our area, but I did find one last week and finally got to go for a swim this evening.  It was glorious!  I swam all of my strokes and even tackled some laps with the butterfly.  It was a great time and the hour I was there was pure bliss.  I got home...the strong smell of chlorine, dry skin, and wet hair and had to smile.  The pool is my home. It was good to be back.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Has Arrived...Finally!

We have had a beautiful weekend here in Charlotte. It weather has been in the high 60's and should reach about 70 degrees today. The trees are blooming, grass is green, and the skies are clear. I am so happy spring is here! Even though we don't get the brutal winters of the Midwest, it is still nice to get the chill out of the air and see things finally turning green again. I hope we can enjoy these temps for a month or so before the brutal summer heat hits us.

Yesterday, we spent the morning and afternoon at the Food Lion Auto Fair at the Charlotte speedway, checking out all cars/trucks and tools they were displaying and selling.  We found a couple we would've liked to take home but the prices were still a little high. One of these years we'll probably pick up a "fixer" to work on.  The evening we enjoyed some delicious barbecue at a new place close to town. Food was pretty good, ribs were excellent and Brian seemed to enjoy his banana pudding so I think we'll keep this one on the list for future stops. Always nice to try the mom and pop places as opposed to the chain restaurants.  Today I think it going to be a backyard BBQ kind of dinner.  It's just too nice not to enjoy the day.

Today we went out for some breakfast, got the cars washed, took Wilson for a long walk in the park, and now I'm finishing up some household chores before finishing up another book on the patio.  Once I finish my recent book, I will have finished reading 21 books for the year so far and if I keep this pace up, I should have no trouble reaching my 52 book goal for the year.

I signed up for some Crossfit classes known as Foundations to get the basics down before being thrown into the classes with all the regulars. Hopefully I can survive all the moves without any injuries and, if all goes well, I may start taking some regular classes in May.  Now that the weather is nice, I really want to start getting back in shape and am just going to take it day by day to see what the foot can handle. I don't think it's fully healed yet so I'm gonna just see how it goes. I'd like to do a race or two this year if possible...the Virginia beach half isn't until Sept 1st so that may be enough time to get all the kinks worked out.

So, that's what's going on around here. Going to try and start blogging a bit more again now that we should have more stuff going on with spring and summer approaching. Hope everyone is doing well!

Until next time...