Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things...

I found myself humming this song from "The Sound of Music" today (awesome movie) and decided to come up with my own list of favorite things that I enjoy right now.

  1. My beloved Nook. It kept me entertained during my 3 month "vacation" earlier this year and continues to give me lots of reading pleasure. Plus all the other fun games and other time-wasters I can use it for on a daily basis.
  2. Flip flops. In Florida, this was basically all I wore for the majority of the year.  I even got the flops with the heel to meet dress code at work.  I love flip flops and could wear them year round, except maybe for running...
  3. String cheese. Best snack ever.
  4. P!nk. What can I say, this girl rocks!  She is strong and confident, a gymnast, singer, and has done some really bad ass performances.  Not to mention her love for tattoos. Bomb diggity in my book.
  5. Salsaritas.  This is a Mexican fast food joint around here (similar to Moe's) that has the best chicken taco salad ever! I used to go there on a weekly basis because of it's deliciousness.  In fact, I may have to stop by sometime this week. It's been awhile.
  6. The DVR. Being able to fast-forward through commercials? Love it.
  7. Fiat car. Even though some see it as a death trap (my hubby for instance), I think this car is so cute!  Also, since I have such a long commute to work, it would be perfect as a daily driver. Maybe hubs would like it more if I let him put some rims and flames on it :-)
  8. McDonald's coffee. One of these days, I will quit you my vanilla iced coffee, but for now, I enjoy one every workday morning...and most weekends as well...and some late evenings...
  9. Blog reading.  It's always fun to see what other people are up to and what they have going on in their lives.
  10. Inspirational quotes, especially fitness ones or ones about strong women. Cuz women rock, of course.


Ryan said...

You got a Fiat? They do look like fun cars to zip in and out of things.

Good list of favorite things.

Erin said...

That's even funnier...Ryan. Of course that was Erin not checking to see who was logged in on this stupid computer.

Crystal said...

No, no fiat. I just really like them and think it would be a fun work car. Plus Wilson would look cool riding shot gun