Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sum It Up Sunday

It's been a busy week.  Legal job was same old, same old.  The weather was beautiful for most of the week so I enjoyed walking a bit during my lunchtime, which is always a nice way to wake up in the afternoon.

I put in quite a few hours at the swim job. Shadowing and teaching lessons on Thursday night, followed by training as well as more lessons and training most of the day Saturday.  Once the training is completed, my schedule will become more routine, unless I pick up subbing hours, so I can tough it out for now.  Added bonus is I get to do lap swimming for free now! Score! Now if only I could talk them into free scuba training...

Although work was pretty good, I can't say the same for my eating habits.  I think I had Wendy's chili at least twice this week, plus I vaguely remember scarfing down four cupcakes here and there too.  So delicious!  So, a trip to the store for lots of healthy snacks and a fridge full of good foods will hopefully keep me in check this week. I'd like to find a good protein snack bar that doesn't taste like chalk and isn't loaded with sugar. It would be especially good for those nights I go from legal to swim job.

I did manage to get in some good reading time as well and have just about finished my 25th book.  My pace has definitely slowed down a bit but I'm still ahead to reach my 52 book goal so I'll keep plugging away.  At least most of them have been enjoyable books.

Well, that's it for this week. It's a beautiful day so going to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Happy mom day to all the mommys out there!

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