Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday Miscellany

Not too much time to write since I'm only home for a bit before heading off to swim lessons but figured you guys probably missed me these last few days so I better make an appearance ;-) haha!

So last week or so I mentioned that I have been on a pancake kick (which explains the battle between me and the scale) and have enjoyed them with cool whip (thanks Meg!), PB & J, french vanilla cream, honey, and several other ways. Today, having run out of pancake mix, I switched it up to french toast. They are so easy to make and require so few ingredients, just some nutmeg, cinnamon, egg and milk, and after a few minutes cooking on each side, I had an easy and delicious dinner which will keep me full through my swim lessons. Yummy!

Been listening to a lot of Dave Ramsey while at work and have learned quite a few good money tips.  Too bad I didn't start listening to him about a decade ago cuz I would be a financial guru by now!

I can't wait for the long weekend. I didn't take any extra time off but just having three days off with no swim lessons either will be glorious!  I'm sure one half day will be spent cleaning the house and doing all those fun grown up chores but then the rest of the weekend is for pure relaxation and enjoyment.  We don't have anything special planned, but maybe a day trip somewhere will be in order..we'll see how the weather holds out. I do need to get a wet suit so that's one thing on the list. Plus Nascar is here again this weekend, all the more reason to get out of town and away from the craziness.

Alright, time to get ready and hit the road. Someone has to teach these kids how to be superstar swimmers. 

~Got any plans for the holiday weekend?


Jess said...

I'm a classicist with a pancake: butter + maple syrup. But, I haven't had a pancake in forever. Sounds good!

Crystal said...

I used to be a part of the syrup and butter club only but then I was always starving a few hours later from lack of protein. The peanut butter on the side keeps me full much longer and is pretty delicious!

Agate Lake Girl said...

I make French toast out of pumpkin bread or apple bread - even add a little pumpkin pie spice sometimes. I also just tried cinnamon sugar on top of peanut butter toast - Someone said it was their favorite - it was pretty good!

Crystal said...

Mmm...pumpkin bread french toast sounds delicious!I am going to have to try that one.