Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Demon Colds and Stress Fractures

The title basically states what I’ve been dealing with lately. The body has taken a hit in the health department and I have been just going through the motions with work until I can get home and rest a bit. Since starting swim lessons, I am on my third cold in two months. This latest one I have named the demon cold as it is definitely the cold from hell sent to take me down for the count! I’ve been miserable for about 5 days with this one and hopefully I can kick it in the next couple of days cuz I have no time for these shenanigans!
As for my foot, I had a follow-up appointment with the doctor and he was not impressed with my lack of progress…or me showing up wearing flip flops (which he previously banned). So, as punishment, I received the dreaded boot to wear for the next month to see if that will quicken the healing process. This way I can still teach lessons since it’s non-weight bearing, but the rest of the time I’m stuck in this stupid thing. Hate. It. So. Much. I guess it’s better than a cast, though.
Other than that, the weekend was pretty low key. We both worked a bit on Saturday and then chilled at home for the rest of it. Those quiet weekends are always nice and I was able to get a lot of reading done on the patio so bonus for me!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Lovin

The mornings start early...

The evenings end late...

The trees are in full bloom...

The pool is warm enough for a swim...

Shorts and tank tops...

Ice cream in the evenings...

Baseball games...

Barbeques and bonfires...

Sunkissed hair and tanned skin...

County fairs, music concerts, food fairs...

Catch up time with family and friends...

I love summer.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Work. Swim. Repeat.

That about sums up how my days have been going lately.  I head to work bright and early and sit in my cell cubicle for 8 hours. After 8 mindless hours in front of the computer screen, I head home for a bit to let Wilson out and grab something to eat before heading to the pool to teach all my swim monkeys...and there are a lot of them. I teach 17 classes a week with kids ranging from 2-12 years old as well as several adult classes. Needless to say, I am keeping very busy with this second job, along with all my extra certifications I am getting as well. Keeps me out of trouble and extra scrilla is always nice too.

We had plans to go to the Taste of Charlotte but we both worked Saturday and it was hot and humid Sunday so we ran some errands and relaxed at home instead. Also watched a couple of movies, Broken City and Jack Reacher. Both were pretty good but Broken City could've been a bit more action-packed.

I finished Jen Lancaster's book this weekend and have to say this one had some tear-jerker moments in it which I wasn't expecting. Overall, a pretty good read with some great sarcastic comments throughout. That brings my total book reads to 30. Only 22 more to go to reach my goal...giggity!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday Tidbits

Happy Thursday! I am looking forward to the weekend and can't wait to finish this week up. It's just been one of those weeks that drags on and you feel like you don't get much accomplished. Monday and Tuesday were long days since I worked both my regular and swim jobs. Last night I was tired so I caught up on some of my saved shows, made a delicious Italian dinner (spaghetti madness baby) and just relaxed. Hopefully I can get some things done this evening and also get a workout in, as my gym key chain is getting a little dusty.

I started reading Jen Lancaster's new book and so far it's pretty good with lots of sarcasm and wit...just the way I like em! Got my new wet suit this week too. It's a little baggier than I would have liked but it will do for now, unless I really start exercising and get in shape quickly...yeah, it should fit for awhile.

 The Taste of Charlotte is this weekend so we plan to hit that up. Last year we had the best sea bass cakes with a wasabi sauce and coleslaw for crunch. To. Die. For. I hope they are there again this year.

I'd like to check out Crowder Mountain State Park too if the weather is nice and not too muggy. It's nice and close, maybe a half hour drive from the house instead of a couple hours away and supposed to be pretty.

* What are your plans for the weekend?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Goals

Wow, we are starting the month of June already. These past 5 months have flown by and I’m sure the next 7 will follow in the same way. I haven’t had a list of goals for the past few months because, well, I’ve been kind of lazy. Ok, maybe that’s not quite it…completely. Actually, I think it’s nice to take a few months off from goals now and then. It doesn’t put a stop to my weekly to-do lists though!

So, for the month of June, my goals are:
  1. Exercise 3 times a week for at least 1 hour. 
  2. Read 3 books.
  3. Take a day trip somewhere we haven’t visited yet. 
  4. Make 2 new food dishes.
I think these are all manageable goals and a good way to get back into the swing of things again. I must say the hardest one will probably be the exercise. I am still having a lot of foot pain, which I am getting checked out again in a couple of weeks. I actually think swimming may have exacerbated the pain…damn flutter kick)! But until then, I will do what I can until the doc tells me otherwise, which I probably won’t listen to anyway, knowing me.
*  Do you have any goals for this month?