Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Tidbits

  1. I found a new love in almond butter. I am not, however, in love with the price. Nearly $7 for a small jar? Really?
  2. I've made it through 8 days at my new job and so far so good. I enjoy most of the people I work with and several are fellow survivors from firm we were laid off from last year. Seems like a good start so far.
  3. Lays chicken and waffles chips are gross. Tastes like syrup gone bad. Blech..
  4. We had a nice afternoon running around the Charlotte area and enjoyed some great tacos at Cabo Fish Taco (blackened mahi for me and beer battered shrimp for hubby). Delicious! Followed by some beer tasting at NoDa Brewing Company. Thank goodness for beer samples!
  5. To complete the afternoon, we drove into South Carolina to check out the area just south of the border.
  6. Now I have a homemade pizza in the oven and we are enjoying the last bit of Sunday Fun day before we head back to work tomorrow.
Happy Sunday everyone!


Erin said...

Congrats on the new job. The tacos and beer sound good.

Never had any desire to try those chips. Glad to hear confirmation they are gross. :)

Hope all is well!

Jess said...

I always enjoy fish tacos and beer!

Glad the new job seems to be working out.

I'm with Erin about those chips. I haven't gotten the craze for chicken and waffles. The two just do not go together in my mind.

Heather Von St. James said...

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