Thursday, October 31, 2013

3,295 - Booyah

The squat challenge is officially over and I now consider myself a master of the universe...okay, maybe just master of this challenge.  After 30 days of squats, do I feel any different?  Not really.  I can tell the squats became easier over the weeks, but I don't notice anything beyond that. Maybe if I would have added a little more cardio into the mix, I would see some additional changes. All I can say is, I have steel under all the fluffiness now!

Total number of squats completed: 3295.  I started out with 50 per day and finished with 250 on my last day.  The first couple weeks were pretty easy, but the last week or so was difficult just trying to get in the total number of squats I needed to complete each day. If I ever did another squat challenge, I would probably do a smaller range of squats consisting of 100-150 in 3 day increments over a month instead of the increments in this one, but it was fun to complete anyway. 

So, what's in store for November?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, way to go! I have not done squats in a LONG time! I would struggle to do as many as you did, so way to go!

I am traveling a ton in November, so my goal for the month is to try to keep up with my workouts despite my crazy travel schedule!