Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cars, Wine, and Mountains...oh my!

I'm a little behind with this but seeing as I was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday, I chose to spend my free time with a nap and some shows instead of computer time so here we go..a couple days later.

Friday night was pretty laid back, as usual around here.  After work, we went out for some delicious Mexican food (super sized chicken burrito for me and beef burrito for hubby) and then came home and caught up on some of our tv shows.

I chose to take the day off from swim lessons on Saturday so I got to enjoy some early morning quiet time reading and enjoying a cup of coffee before Brian and I headed out to the Good Guys car show at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  This year didn't seem as crazy busy as last year, maybe the "cold weather" deterred some people.  Some of the sights there:

 The big and small version of this one
 I could ride around in this limo
 Got to love a shiny black truck...
 A little pastel never hurt anyone..
Best. Hood ornament. Ever.
After about 4 hours at the car show, we decided we'd had enough (that and I was hungry) so we stopped for lunch where I enjoyed some delicious chicken tortilla soup and a lettuce wedge

This was so yummy and just the right amount of food
After a full stomach, we drove around a bit and ended up hunting down one of the many vineyards here in the Charlotte area, Rocky River Vineyards, and stopped in for a drink.  This place is very low key compared to some of the other vineyards I've been to, in fact we thought it was just someone's homestead when we first pulled in the driveway.
Brian's wine slushy: peach bellini (scrumtastic) 
 Several of their award-winning wines
 Everyone needs a wine bottle tree...
 The barn area
The pavilion
There was a wedding taking place later in the evening and we got to see the bridal party take some of their pictures while we walked the grounds.  We also walked through the orchards and got to taste some of the grapes which were fantastic and tasted exactly like the sweet red wine I chose.  Overall, this place was pretty cool and is located right next to a golf course, which clearly works to their advantage as one group of guys stopped their golf cart to pick up a handful of wine slushies as well.  They are delicious! I'm sure we will make another trip out there sometime.
Sunday was a long day as we decided to head to the mountains to check out the leaves, and it's a good thing we did because the further north we got, the more bare the trees became.  Some sections were already bare but the cool mountain air and the gorgeous views were still worth the trip.

These are the days I enjoy living in North Carolina.  The mountains and waterfalls are truly beautiful to see and only a couple hours away!  We also made a special visit to Grandfather Mountain, which I will save for another post.  Needless to say, we were tuckered out by the time we got home.  Busy but very enjoyable weekend.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum - the wine slushy sounds awesome! I love how you put "cold weather" in quotation marks. I can so relate as my coworkers seem to think 60 degrees is cold so they thought I was nuts for sleeping with my patio door open on Friday night!

I got a chance to go to the mountains last month as well - the leaves were just starting to turn so it was a great time to be up there. I do really like the state of NC as there are so many pretty areas!

Erin said...

Looks like a fun time. We will have to figure in a visit at some point. The mountains look beautiful and you know me, I never pass up wine!

Crystal said...

Lisa - the cold weather is so true here, isn't it! We MN girls think of this as cool summer/early fall temps. Lovin it!

Erin - we have so many wine places to hit around here, we could make a whole day of it...we'd need one of the guys to drive us though...