Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Focus on Fitness

I don't have a whole lot to say about September. Mainly, I spent the majority of the month focusing on learning my new job responsibilities, reading, teaching lessons, and watching tv/movies.  Not a really productive month in terms of any goals or big plans, but sometimes it's nice to have those months too.

But, alas, we are in a new month again (damn!) and with cooler temps creeping in our area...finally...I feel the need, the need to sweat.  That's right, peeps, I don't exercise for summer swimsuit season, I exercise for fall and winter wonderland season!  The temps are now getting cool enough to enjoy some long walks in the neighboring parks, which Wilson is totally loving, and some upcoming hikes on the trails. Maybe there will be a trip to the mountains coming up at the end of the month...giggity!

So, after months of sloth (for the most part), I am going to try and embrace fitness once again.  Ah, sweat, tired legs and sore arms, I miss you! Okay, maybe not so much the sweat part but the rest sounds good to me.  Since I'm still watchful of the foot injury, I am starting slow with lots of long walks and working up to some short jogs, hopefully getting up to a 3 miler at least.  I also have some DVDs that can be resurrected and, oh yeah, a gym membership that's been collecting dust somewhere I think.

Today, I did some stretches, biceps and triceps curls, exercise bike for 30 minutes, and a 2 mile walk with Wilson.  Not too strenuous but beats my recent couch time!

Replace Girl Scout cookies with cupcakes and it's me!
Time to enjoy a couple shows and some reading. Until next time...

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