Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Pool Time

This afternoon, I had to head to the pool for some swim training. It being a Sunday, I was not happy about spending several hours in the pool but figured I had to show up regardless so I could either be pissed about it or just suck it up and get through it. So, I stopped off for an iced coffee and headed to the pool.

                                             Pic of the pool at OWA

Once I got in the water and swam a few laps, I was ready to get on with it. This training as all about swim team training and going over all the minute details within each swim stroke as well as IM racing, flip turns, starts, racing dives, and working on endurance swimming.  I look at this as another way to build on my previous training and continue to grow as a swim teacher.

I have some other training planned in the near future and am also looking into some dive training as well. Yep, I am definitely a water baby for life!

*Picture courtesy of Open Water Adventures

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