Thursday, November 7, 2013

Friday Favorites

Running - Even though it has been a battle these last couple of years with an ongoing injury and never-ending starts and stops, I have come to love running.  Last night, I decided to get out there and do 1.5 miles and enjoyed every minute of it.  I know it's not much for distance, but it felt good anyway. 

Wine  - Ah, so delicious on, well, any day.  Now that fall is here, I find myself enjoying more wine than I did over the summer months. Summer was beer time, fall/winter are my wine months.  Last week it was a sweet red, this week, a delicious moscato.  Love...

My sister - I love my little sis! I always enjoy every moment I get to spend with her and her beautiful girls and miss the times when we are far apart.  Looking forward to our next get-together down the road.

The library - I stopped by the library and spent a good half hour browsing through the isles and picking out 4 books for the month.  There's just something about peacefulness of the place that I enjoy...that and free books!

It's Friday! Need I say more?  Happy weekend everyone!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend Update

This weekend was pretty laid back and the majority was spent either at the pool or at home, which was a nice change from the running around we have done the last couple of weekends.

Friday was kind of a cool, rainy day so we stayed in, ordered some Chinese food, and vegged out on the couch watching episodes of Dexter. I think we got through four or five episodes before calling it a night. 

Saturday morning I was up early and spent a good hour and a half reading and enjoying a cup of coffee before heading off to teach swim lessons.  Some days I am excited to be at the pool, this weekend was not one of them. Since I've been battling a nagging cold all of last week and into this weekend, all I wanted was to stay home and be lazy...but duty calls and my swim kids were ready to learn!  At least I have good classes on Saturdays and get to end with a fun adult class with a great lady learning more difficult swim strokes and technique (my favorite stuff to teach).  Plus, she is also a runner so we chat about our running experiences and races during class as well. After swimming, hubby and I went out for a nice soup-n-salad lunch and, after grabbing coffee for the ride home, we headed back where I got some weekend chores done and read a few more chapters before we returned to our Dexter marathon.

Today was all about cleaning and I got lots of deep cleaning done on the house.  It was beautiful outside today so after chores were done, I enjoyed some reading outside on the patio before I headed back to the pool for swim training. I'd love to say I enjoyed that extra hour of sleep this morning from Daylight Savings time but I am an early riser so I am up at the crack of dawn no matter what so 6am was my wake up time today.  Now, a couple hours of down time before another work week starts up again.  Oh, and my football lost again. Go Vikes! Ugh.

Friday, November 1, 2013

November Goals

Ah, November...a month filled with pumpkin pies, turkey dinners, a nice long weekend, and our's a busy month in general and I plan to squeeze in some fitness here and there.

I'm thinking just a few goals for this month, a little something here and there to keep me accountable for the next four weeks. I'm thinking:

  1. Read 3 books. Since I reached my 52 book goal, I've started slacking with my reading.

  2.  Exercise 3 days a week for at least an hour. I would like to            
       push for 4 days a week, but with 3 days of swim classes, it        
       can get to be a bit much.

  3.  Visit a new place in the Charlotte or surrounding area.

  4.  Make 2 new recipes.

  5.  A new 30 day challenge?

I think that's enough for one month. Here's to another productive month of goals and challenges with some good food and fun sprinkled in as well. Anyone else have plans for November?