Friday, November 1, 2013

November Goals

Ah, November...a month filled with pumpkin pies, turkey dinners, a nice long weekend, and our's a busy month in general and I plan to squeeze in some fitness here and there.

I'm thinking just a few goals for this month, a little something here and there to keep me accountable for the next four weeks. I'm thinking:

  1. Read 3 books. Since I reached my 52 book goal, I've started slacking with my reading.

  2.  Exercise 3 days a week for at least an hour. I would like to            
       push for 4 days a week, but with 3 days of swim classes, it        
       can get to be a bit much.

  3.  Visit a new place in the Charlotte or surrounding area.

  4.  Make 2 new recipes.

  5.  A new 30 day challenge?

I think that's enough for one month. Here's to another productive month of goals and challenges with some good food and fun sprinkled in as well. Anyone else have plans for November?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is a good set of goals for the month! I am traveling a lot in November between work trips and fun trips so the month will fly by for me I think. My goal is to use the weekends I spend in Charlotte cooking and stocking my freezer for future weeks when I am not around on the weekend to cook. I also want to cut out all non-essential spending between now and my Paris trip! I'll still get my weekly latte, for example, but I don't want to buy any clothes or other things I don't truly 'need'.

Crystal said...

So jealous of your upcoming Paris trip. That is a must-visit place on my travel list so I'll be looking forward to your Paris posts down the road.