Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend Update

This weekend was pretty laid back and the majority was spent either at the pool or at home, which was a nice change from the running around we have done the last couple of weekends.

Friday was kind of a cool, rainy day so we stayed in, ordered some Chinese food, and vegged out on the couch watching episodes of Dexter. I think we got through four or five episodes before calling it a night. 

Saturday morning I was up early and spent a good hour and a half reading and enjoying a cup of coffee before heading off to teach swim lessons.  Some days I am excited to be at the pool, this weekend was not one of them. Since I've been battling a nagging cold all of last week and into this weekend, all I wanted was to stay home and be lazy...but duty calls and my swim kids were ready to learn!  At least I have good classes on Saturdays and get to end with a fun adult class with a great lady learning more difficult swim strokes and technique (my favorite stuff to teach).  Plus, she is also a runner so we chat about our running experiences and races during class as well. After swimming, hubby and I went out for a nice soup-n-salad lunch and, after grabbing coffee for the ride home, we headed back where I got some weekend chores done and read a few more chapters before we returned to our Dexter marathon.

Today was all about cleaning and I got lots of deep cleaning done on the house.  It was beautiful outside today so after chores were done, I enjoyed some reading outside on the patio before I headed back to the pool for swim training. I'd love to say I enjoyed that extra hour of sleep this morning from Daylight Savings time but I am an early riser so I am up at the crack of dawn no matter what so 6am was my wake up time today.  Now, a couple hours of down time before another work week starts up again.  Oh, and my football lost again. Go Vikes! Ugh.

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Jess said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. I remember when Jerry and I used to binge watch tv shows too. Now, we only get about an hour a day for any tv, so seasons always get stretched out more, which isn't bad. I know if it weren't for that forced spacing, we would've watched something like Orange is the New Black in a day, rather that the 2 weeks it took us this summer, and making it last is enjoyable too. Still. I kinda miss being able to jam in several back to back episodes of season we're really enjoying.